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Local SEO

45% of product or service related mobile searches are "Local", so Prosite's Local Search Optimisation is now critical to online success...

Business Benefits of Local Search

To what does the term “Local Search” refer anyway? Well, Wikipedia defines is as “geographically constrained searches against a structured database of local business listings,” and gives examples such as “Hong Kong hotels”, “Manhattan restaurants”, and “Dublin Hertz”.

iPhone with Location Services PromptIf you’re one of the more than 1 billion smartphone users who use mobile search daily, you’ll likely have seen a message telling you that your search app wants to know your location. That’s because when it comes to mobile searches, which now account for around 45% of all product or service related searches, the location is determined automatically. So if you were in say Caloundra, and you entered “car rental” into the search, the actual term searched would be “Caloundra car rental”.

As the number of these local searches explodes, developing a comprehensive local search strategy is critical for all businesses that service a set geographical area.

Statistics Tell the Tale

These stats demonstrate the importance of having a local and mobile search strategy:

Searches in Australia are Local

More likely to result in an in-store visit

Connect with the business

Content is Still King

Localised content, that marries with your directory listings on databases such as Google Places, provide the opportunity to present customers the right information at the right time by providing up-to-date:

  • Contact information
  • Opening hours
  • Local updates and promotions
  • Products and services
  • Service Area
  • Accepted Methods of Payment

Being Sociable

Google’s merge of Google Places with Google+ is a clear sign that social media is beginning to play an important part in local search. Users share their experience on social networks, and recommend products and services. They’re also not shy in telling their friends about a bad experience, which if forcing to hand of many businesses to improve.

Creating and optimising a Places account for Google+ is an important part of local search and Google has rolled out further significant updates in the second half of 2013.

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    B Guillemet - SCR Hinterland Property
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    Steve achieved far more than I ever anticipated - not only listening to my needs, but provided me with excellent advice to guide my thinking about the site. The features incorporated into my website clearly show considerable understanding of where the technology is going, what my future needs may be."

    S Wood - Be Your Best

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Yahoo & Bing Search Logos

What about the other search engines?

As at November 2013 Google accounted for 2/3 of all internet searches. Next in line is Microsoft’s Bing at around 16%, then stalwart Yahoo! hovering around 13%. Much of this is driven by the smartphone market, with the two biggest players – Google (via Android) and Apple (via iOS) – both using Google search by default on their devices. So while it’s important to remember the others, the primary focus still needs to be on Google at this point.