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Business Benefits of Good Website Content

Website content is the text, images and videos that appear on your website, and is the single biggest delay for most projects. In reality, creating content is difficult and often very time consuming. Putting the pieces together in a cohesive manner requires an organised mind. In a similar vein, we can’t all be talented writers and photographers.

Creating Good Website Content

Yet everything that goes onto your website is a reflection of who you are and what you represent. It’s therefore a good idea to avoid pixelated images; wordy, overly technical text; and large blocks of text. All of these will turn potential clients away quicker than you can say “CLICK HERE!”.

So, what should you do?

  • "Our web-site was getting tired after several years. Steve redesigned and upgraded it to suit our current business needs. He listened to what we wanted, did the research on how best to enable the requirements and came up with a site that is very professional, customer friendly, and most importantly didn't cost us a fortune.


    This was all done in consultation with us, each step of the way, which meant very few alterations were required. It has since been very easy for our staff to manage and keep updated with our properties (our stock)."

    B Guillemet - SCR Hinterland Property
  • "I’d like to express my sincere thanks to Steve for the website developed for my business. Due to the diversity of the various elements of my business, I realise I presented some significant challenges to develop a site that successfully integrates all elements, while keeping the look and feel I wanted.


    Steve achieved far more than I ever anticipated - not only listening to my needs, but provided me with excellent advice to guide my thinking about the site. The features incorporated into my website clearly show considerable understanding of where the technology is going, what my future needs may be."

    S Wood - Be Your Best

One option that many choose, since it saves the time and headache of dealing with it yourself, is to bring in a professional to prepare content for you. While this may sound like an easy option, there is still some work involved, after all, it’s your business, so the basics of that content still have to come from you.

The other option is to create the content yourself. If you decide on this path, there are a few keys to keep in mind:

Keep it Interesting

Potential clients visit your site for a reason. To keep them there, your website content has to engage them immediately otherwise they will leave. Things like relevant, high quality images, creative artwork, and informative text will help achieve this.

Keep it Short

The first few seconds are critical in capturing a potential client, so keep your text short and easy to read. You can achieve this through:

  • Small paragraphs: Keep your paragraphs short and to the point. Unless you’re a book seller, nobody visits your site to read a novel.
  • Bullet points: They break up the flow of a page, are easy to scan, and grab your visitor’s attention.
  • Clear headings: As with bullet points, headings break up the text and provide an easy way for visitors to scan the page. Additionally, headings provide a significant benefit for search engine optimisation (SEO).
  • Styled Text: Use bolding or italics to highlight key words you want to draw attention to.

Lose the Industry Jargon

Be mindful of your target audience. Using lots of technical language and buzz words on your website content is going turn away potential customers. You needn’t be informal, but you can remain professional without bamboozling your users. If you can’t avoid technical jargon, try to also supply the information in layman’s terms.

Keep it Updated

Update and review your website content on a regular basis. No one likes to visit a website that hasn’t been updated in months. It gives the impression that you don’t care about your website, and makes you look outdated. This is especially important for things like blogs, news & events, and social media. Web users expected that these things will be updated regularly. You will be better off not using them if you do not have the necessary resources to keep them current.

Proof Read

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors makes your site look amateurish. Always proofread your text before publishing it to the web. While we make every endeavour to pick up spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, it’s your website content, so we rely on your proper proofing.

Call them to Action

What are you wanting to achieve by having a potential client visit your website? Is it buying a product? Signing up for an e-newsletter? Entering an online contest maybe? Your website content needs to get their attention and encourage them to do the thing you got them there for.

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